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Can we really lose ‘it’ if we don’t use it? The medical answer is YES! Sex can basically be likened to a muscle that needs regular exercising or it stops working, causing painful side effects.



Information on vaginal atrophy from the Mayo clinic advocates you can lose ‘it’ if you don’t regularly use it? Your plummeting oestrogen levels as well as blood flow to the pelvic region during menopause can have several adverse effects, including vaginal dryness, loss of sensitivity to both the vagina and clitoris, and narrowing of the vagina. These symptoms can make penetration painful and reduced your desire for sex. A natural way to treat painful sex might just be as simple as regularly using a vibrator and here is why.


1. A tingle a day keeps the gyno away – great maintenance plan

Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause. Many women complain of painful intercourse and as the result, some women will avoid sex altogether. While vaginal dryness can be helped with the use of a feminine moisturiser and some sensitivity can be maintained through use of a Kegel exercise, one of the best ways to keep your body’s ability to enjoy intimacy in peak condition is to continue being sexually active.

A vibrator is great for stimulating pelvic blood flow, which increases vaginal moisture and enhances sexual response. Just like other body muscles, it is important to keep the vagina healthy with regular exercise – so it is very much “use it, or lose it” attitude. Using a vibrator is a no-side effect solution to an issue that millions of women suffer from. Regularly using a vibrator should be part of your health maintenance plan


2.  Orgasms are great for your health

There is so much literature on the health benefits of having regular orgasms. Dopamine the “feel-good” hormone, rises during the anticipation of a sexual climax and after the orgasm, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, giving you that warm afterglow feeling. Also an orgasm – which is essentially a series of muscle contractions, helps to keep your pelvic floors in shape and prevent incontinence.  Since only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse this means for the rest us it helps to have your own BOB (battery operated boyfriend). Here is more evidence if you need convincing (…as if!):

  • Boosts your mood
  • Improves your immune system
  • Improves flow blood
  • Relieves headaches and other bodily pains
  • Increases blood to the brain, increasing mental acuity
  • Feels really bloody great
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Can help you look up to seven years younger


3. Great for strengthening pelvic floor muscles

Like all other body muscles, your vagina muscles need to be kept healthy with regular orgasms. The female orgasm involves  a series of rhythmic contractions of genital muscles leading to the big ‘O’.  So if you’re less sexually active because sex has either been too uncomfortable, or you don’t have a regular partner, a vibrator is your new BOB and can play an important role in keeping those muscles strong. There are many vibrators designed to be used internally that can help stimulate pelvic blood flow, which improves the tone and elasticity of vaginal walls, and help promote vaginal lubrication.


stylish vibrators



4. Can improve your sex life

If you are experiencing symptoms of vaginal dryness and even declining libido, then introducing a vibrator into a relationship can be beneficial for you and your partner. Vibrators are a stimulating aide into foreplay which helps build sexual arousal and can make intercourse so much more pleasurable. So don’t continue to suffer through painful sex or avoid intimacy altogether. Using a vibrator can keep you connected and intimate with your partner.


…have your own BOB (battery operated boyfriend)


5. Sex isn’t just about penetration

There are many reasons why foreplay for women plays such an important role. Research indicates that most women (75%) cannot orgasm through penetration alone no matter how turned on they are. The traditional penis-in-vagina and orgasm only happens through intercourse are not only myths, they also don’t reflect women’s real life experiences. It would be more accurate to say both the vagina and the clitoris are the central players when it comes to women’s orgasms.  For many women, stimulating the clitoris can be the key to satisfying climaxes and sex toys can make that so much easier. For some other women,  using a vibrators can also be helpful for vulva pain – it still allows for intimate sex play when penetration is not possible.



♥ Maintaining your sexual health during menopause should be just as important as maintaining your physical health.

♥ Vibrators can be seen as a great sexual maintenance plan

♥ Women who use vibrators regularly have increased blood flow to their vaginas and increased lubrication

♥ Regular pleasure means a healthier you

♥ Helps build and maintain strong pelvic floors 

♥ Introducing a vibrator is a wonderful foreplay tool for couples

♥ Remember staying sexual is within your power – whether solo or coupled


So ladies, we need to talk…

Do you use a vibrator? If so what type of vibrator do you enjoy?


With love and gratitude

Dianna xo

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