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Menopausal women often describe feeling ‘out of control’ as a result of fluctuating oestrogen levels, regaining some control can be empowering.


Cognitive Resilience – Thinking positively and constructively

  • Encourage an open dialogue about menopause amongst family, friends and colleagues – it is a wellbeing issue
  • Engage in work that you really love- being authentic reduces stress
  • Recognise your strengths and utilise them
  • Use your problem solving skills to source potential solutions for the specific symptoms that bother you
  • As far as possible live to your personal values (mine is preventative health) by taking proactive action
  • Nurture a more positive view of yourself
  • Accept that some circumstances can’t be altered and accept them for what they are


Emotional resilience – Coping constructively with emotions

  • Self-compassion  – take care of yourself instead of being critical of your body
  • Meditate and be mindful
  • Try Cognitive Based Therapy, evidence has shown it to be effective with negative emotions
  • Practice ‘savouring’, focus on experiencing events and being in the moment
  • Understanding the thoughts/ feelings connection


Behavioural resilience –Taking effective action

  • Exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress
  • Laugh lots – it releases endorphins and reduces pain
  • Try Yoga for a calmer mind
  • Make realistic plans and health goals that suit your lifestyle
  • Eat nutritious food to support your hormones
  • Consider appropriate supplements to alleviate physical symptoms
  • See your doctor regularly

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