My Journey


Hi, my name is Dianna, and like countless other younger women I started experiencing the early signs of menopause at the age of 40. This came as quite a shock. So I did what so many other anxious women experiencing night sweats and bad mood swings would do … I googled it.  

As I started to delve a bit deeper into the search I realised that all the current information was aimed towards an older woman – the grandmotherly type along with advice on how to cope with mid-life change.  

I was shocked to see the plethora of clinical information mostly written by male doctors who had absolutely no clue as to what it feels like for a young woman to have early menopause.  

If mood swings, low libido and incontinence weren’t enough, we have to put up with the medical profession thinking all we need is HRT and all will be cured.   

This disempowering discovery fired something off within me, surely I can’t be the only woman out there experiencing early menopause. What about all the young women who have suffered from the side effects of cancer treatments or have chronic health conditions like endometriosis?  

Many of these women cannot or DO NOT want to take prescribed drugs, so what then?    

It’s time we, as strong women, take back our power and learn how to fall back in love with our bodies.

Going through early menopause has been the most heart wrenching, life-affirming and empowering experience I’ve ever been through.  

This transition has transformed my life and that is why I created Mind Body Pleasure. By sharing my own journey I hope to empower, inspire and educate other women on how to take charge of their health and wellness.

This is a safe space for women to reclaim their femininity, share stories with other women who can relate and build long-lasting bonds. 

Mind Body Pleasure is a new path to self-acceptance and reclaiming your self-esteem.  

With every change comes an opportunity for a new beginning and this is yours.  

With love & gratitude,